Bake This! Subscription
Bake This! Subscription
Monthly subscription box ready to be shipped
Bake This! Subscription (monthly) Soul Chocolate
Bake This! Subscription (monthly) Soul Chocolate
Bake This! Subscription (monthly) Soul Chocolate
Bake This! Subscription (monthly) Soul Chocolate
Bake This! Subscription (monthly) Soul Chocolate
Bake This! Subscription (monthly) Soul Chocolate
Bake This! Subscription (monthly) Soul Chocolate
Bake This! Subscription (monthly) Soul Chocolate

Bake This! Subscription

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We at Soul Chocolate are driven to create the best chocolate on the face of this planet. We pour all of our energy into partnering with the most talented producers, because great relationships and ingredients make quality products.

Our Bake This! Subscription allows us to source even more local ingredients with seasonality in mind. We build recipes centered around a chocolate we have come to love - and then share it all with you.

Every month you will receive the dry ingredients to make a one of a kind dessert in the comfort of your home. It's time to level up your baking with our Bake This! Subscription.


The idea for our monthly subscription came to us when browsing the grocery store for delicious, quality made baked goods that we could whip up at home. We were hosting a get together, and being limited on time had few other options. The selections were underwhelming, the ingredients were confusing, and the quality wasn't up to our standard. It was clear we needed to do something about it!

    Say hello to our Bake This! Subscription. Each month, our team develops a one of a kind recipe that you can follow in the comfort of your home. We only use quality and local ingredients whenever possible. We use ingredients that complement our chocolate, making a dessert you will be excited to share with friends and family.

    This also makes a great gift for those home bakers. It also makes a great activity to enjoy with a young one by introducing them to new ingredients or baking techniques, or simply to have some fun!


    • Thoughtfully selected dry ingredients to make the dessert
    • Detailed recipe card with a photo to reference (shows you tools and ingredients you will need)
    • Canada wide shipping is included


    • Makes enough to serve 8 people on average
    • We are happy to help with any baking questions through email
    • You can pause, edit, or cancel your subscription at any time
    • Each subscription ships on the 15th of the month
    • Your card will also be charged on the 15th of the month
    • If you order after the 15th, we'll send you that month's subscription immediately, so you can get baking!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Great packaging!

    I ordered a three month subscription as a gift and while the baking has yet to take place ( or shared with me) I can say that the packaging was lovely and they very kindly included a “ happy Birthday” note from us for the recipient. We already love many of Soul Chocolates products so know this baking kit will taste great!

    It was ok

    I found the pancake batter a bit bland. Also there weren’t enough chocolate chunks. It felt more like a gift from a baking store than a chocolate shop. The instructions were clear although perhaps I would’ve suggested using buttermilk instead of regular milk to give the batter more flavour.

    Pumpkin chocolate chunk loaf

    Loved this pumpkin chocolate chunk loaf
    Worth the money. Made 2 huge loaves.
    Perfect amount of chocolate chunks.
    Ran out and bought another can of pumpkin to have on hand. Will keep on making this 👍


    Good recipe but pricey for what you get. Minimal effort required to put it together.

    Didn't love.

    I tried this for two months, but didn't enjoy it. I found the pumpkin loaf oily and required a lot of extra ingredients for an already high price tag. This month with Florentines the instructions were extremely unclear and they immediately burnt in the oven. Maybe other people will have a better experience, but I think you can find better recipes while spending less money.