French Press

We brought these French Presses in from Rivers Drinkware in Japan, and are impressed by the build quality and design!

Recently "speciality coffee" has become well known as a name of superior tasting coffee. The beans are cultivated in one farm in ideal climates, not mixed from many farms, which produce the highest quality beans that consistently achieve high scores in coffee tasting evaluations, such as the "international cup of excellence". A coffee press is the recommended method of brewing speciality beans. It consists of a glass beaker and stainless steel mesh press. Using a coffee press preserves the luscious taste and acidity (not sour but lively and brisk) found in the oil of the beans. Please enjoy the world of coffee flavors that the coffee press and speciality coffee can achieve.


uses heat resistant pyrex glass for the beaker
doesn't require a paper filter, which reduces waste
holds 350ml, suitable for 2 or 3 cups