Chocolate Infusion Set

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This set of 3 bars explores the effect of infusion on our Venezuela 75% chocolate. Here are some details of the tasting set:

Single Malt

We blended Bowmore scotch with our nutty Venezuela chocolate. By using an origin of cacao with low acidity, it allowed the peatiness of the single malt to take centre stage.

Cigar & Vanilla

After refining the cacao for 48 hours, we unwrapped and lit up a Montecristo cigar. The sweet, flavourful smoke was left to infuse into the liquid chocolate. We then added a hint of vanilla to enhance the aroma and balance flavour.

Venezuela 75%

This bar is part of our single origin lineup at Soul Chocolate. We love this chocolate for its well rounded flavour. It reminds us of cinnamon and oats, with a nutty finish.

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