Edible Art Series - Dark Chocolate

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Inside of this package
There are 3 hand painted chocolate bars from our new and very unique art project. Keeping with our specialty approach to chocolate, each bar represents a different origin of cacao, with their own subtleties and tasting notes.
We've also included details of the project, alongside photos that highlight the artwork.


Madagascar 70%
Venezuela 75%
Ecuador 75%


Project Details

This project is a collaboration between maker and artist. With chocolate as the medium, we created a one off piece of art that not only looks beautiful, but could be dismantled, wrapped, and of course, eaten. As a first in our Art Series, we are more than thrilled with the results.
999 chocolate bars were laid down into a frame, creating a ‘blank canvas’ spanning 10’ x 5’. The very talented Zan Rococo used coloured cocoa butter in place of paint. With the use of tagging markers, sprayers and rollers, she created a graffiti style contemporary art piece in just 12 hours.
The Artist
Zan Rococo is a Toronto based artist, whose thought provoking, rule bending aesthetic blurs the lines between impulsive storytelling and sophisticated sexual narratives.

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