The Difference A Day Makes

The Difference A Day Makes

May 09, 2019

Today I cut up a 25kg block of butter. This was a new experience for me; Heating up a butcher knife and slowly disassembling this giant cube into workable pieces destined for our baked goods. 

Today I also received milk in 20L bags. This too was a new experience. Ever since I can remember milk has come in 4L bags. Thinking back to childhood, my dad would intentionally leave the bag empty in the fridge after filling his bowl of cap'n crunch, and then laugh at whoever tried to use it next.

Yesterday I hadn't even heard of milk in 20L bags or butter in 25kg blocks. I more or less stumbled upon these options as we began a new round of recipe testing for the cafe (chocolate soft serve anyone?). If you have been around our shop lately, you may have noticed a giant metal cube aka soft serve machine taking up most of the space behind the coffee bar.

As we began scaling our recipe to fill the soft serve machine, we realized how many bags of milk were needed. Doing some quick math, we calculated that we'd discard 1 plastic bag for every 5 chocolate soft serves sold. And, we're hoping for a hot summer and a lot of ice cream, which meant we needed a better solution.

Finding the butter and milk in large quantities with less plastic turned out to be quite easy. Who would have thought? I guess the hard part was knowing those solutions were out there to begin with. Going waste free used to feel like climbing a mountain without any experience. Today it still looks like the same mountain, but our experience is building and we're moving in the right direction.

How funny is it to think that yesterday we were using 1L bags of milk and today it's 20L. What will tomorrow hold? Owning our own cow (fingers crossed)? That I don't know for certain, but sure am excited to find out.

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